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Through social media, I have met bunnies from around the world.  Each bun has a unique story to share.  Here are just a few….

Lou Lou

I'm Lou Lou and I live with my mummy in the UK!

I’m Lou Lou and I live with my mummy and pixie boo.

Hi, my name is Lou Lou.  I am a female 2 year old English Spot.I’m a house bunny that lives with my mummy and my best friend, pixie boo. I’ve only been a house bunny since April 2013.  I was unwell and needed to be kept warm.Before I found mummy, I lived alone in a hutch outside.  My family only visited me to give me food.  They got bored of me and they thought I was a boy!  Mummy rescued me.  At first, I was going to live with mummy’s friend Clare and her bunny but the bond didn’t go well.  So, mummy kept me and I have the best home ever.I love my life – I have a warm home, a best friend, and lots of love!


 pixie boo

I'm pixie boo. I live with mummy and Lou Lou.

I’m pixie boo. I live with mummy and Lou Lou.

Hi, I’m pixie boo! I am a 4 year old dwarf lop.I live indoors with Lou Lou and mummy. I love to flop and get nose rubs from mummy.When I was 11 months old, I came to live with mummy. One of her friend’s had a bunny that had babies. I was the only one left of the litter – no one wanted me. But mummy did and we love each other.

Now, I live as a house rabbit with Lou Lou. I am very happy. I love spending time with mummy, flopped out or having mummy chase me up the stairs!




Cuthbert & Nella

This is the story of Cuthbert and Nella…

We are Cuthbert & Nella.

We are Cuthbert & Nella.

Four years ago, we moved into a new house that had a garden, we thought this would be the start of a great new life for us. While it was great to be outdoors, we didn’t have a very safe house and often days and nights would pass without us seeing anyone which meant no food, water, hay, love and a dirty house. Some days were dreadfully hot as we were in direct sunlight we would both stare out in hope that someone passing would notice how sad we were. One night a lady from next-door crept into our garden and started feeding and looking after us, this was an answer to our bunny prayers. She used to tell us she wished she could take us home. Then one very snowy night a fox got into our house and attacked us badly I did my best to protect Nella as she is smaller. Thankfully the lady from next-door heard my cries of help and rushed to our rescue, she took us to the emergency vet where we stayed for five days and fought all odds to survive. Our kind neighbor came to take us home, I was so scared to go back to our house in case the fox came back but on the way home she told us that she was going to keep us as the other owner didn’t want us, we were both over joyed. We went home to our new forever home and this lady is now my Mom, we also have a Dad too they have spoilt, loved and cared for us every day for 3.5 years, these have been the best years of our lives. Sadly little Nella passed away recently but she was the happiest little girl and all because we were loved by our Mom and Dad.



Hi Furriends! My name is Nala and I live in Pennsylvania!!

I'm Nala, a rescue bun in Pennsylvania.

I’m Nala, a rescue bun in Pennsylvania.

Mommy adopted me 3 and a half years ago from our local Humane Society. She wasn’t planning on getting a bunny at that time but she said I was too pretty to pass up! I think she’s right! I’m an indoor bunny and don’t like going outside. There are too many scary sounds out there! Mommy and I now live with my Daddy. We is a happy family! I have my very own bedroom, complete with my own personal mini fridge. It’s always full of my favorite veggies, like dandelion, kale and parsley! Mmm!!! I have a toy box full of toys but my bedroom is full of stuffed Hello Kitty toys! I collect them and have close to 40!! I love to play in my fort and chew on willow balls but my all time favorite thing to play with is a pile of blankets! It’s the best! I have free reign of the first floor of the house. I’m a good girl and always use my litter box. At night, I curl up on the living room sofa. It’s so comfy!! Thanks for reading about me! Time to go beg Mom for treats!

To read more about me, follow me on Twitter — @BunnyNala.






I’m Mighty Mischief Max!

Hi Friends! I’m Maximus the Lop (otherwise known as Mighty Mischief Max) from Texas.  Mom and Dad adopted me in January 2013. It took YEARS for Mom to convince Dad they needed a bunny (Dad had never had an indoor pet before); Mom has a cat, Big Ink, that is 17 and lives with Grandma and also had another bun, Louis, for 7 years before she adopted me.  Although I am not technically a “rescue rabbit,” mom considers me rescued from a life of Breeder Shows and County Fairs. I would have failed miserably at being a Show Bun. I’m an indoor bun and spent most of my time in the kitchen, den or in Mom’s closet. I like I think I’m litter box trained, but frequently leave a little present or two outside my litter box to remind Mom and Dad that I’m the boss. Because I live in Texas, I spent the summer inside, but I do enjoy going out for a hop on my harness or for a binky in the backyard when the weather is nice. My favorite pastime is causing mischief throughout the house, although sometimes I take my mischief too far…just recently I ate Mom’s cell phone cover for the third time. Normal mischief days include me hiding from Mom and Dad, eating Mom’s veggie garden, or tearing up paper towel or toilet paper rolls.  I also enjoy field trips to Grandma’s house and to Mom and Dad’s favorite restaurant for dinner. I am currently lobbying for a girl bun, but Dad hasn’t given in yet. I am so hoppy that mom let me have a twitter because I love all my bunpals that I’ve met very much! Follow my antics on twitter @maximusthelop.


Jack, Linc, and Lady

Jack is a male gray, Flemish Giant born May 2012.  He is a little guy with deformed front legs.  He was adopted by his human parents in August 2013.  He is a sweet bunny that loves rubs and cuddles!

Linc is a male, black Flemish Giant born May 15 or so 2013. He’s very healthy & loves to run and play on our deck. He loves rubs & cuddles when he’s tired. Otherwise, he’d rather play. He likes cardboard tubes and a small ball that he shakes & throws around.

Lady is a female, black Flemish Giant born first week of June 2013. She too is very healthy and won’t be still long enough for me to get a picture by herself. She likes to cuddle with Linc, but not so much humans. She comes over for rubs, but loses interest pretty soon. Her favorite activity is eating; and eating; and did I mention eating? She ignores toys, but not her food.

We're Jack, Linc, and Lady. A trio of Flemish Giants!

We’re Jack, Linc, and Lady. A trio of Flemish Giants!

Esther and Romain

Esther: I was a young stray when the animal shelter picked me up. I was pregnant and sadly when I gave birth my kits had no ears and died. This made me very depressed and angry and I didn’t want to be nice to anybody because I felt I’d been let down by humans. Because of this I was at the shelter for 9 long months until one day a lady and man came in to see me specifically and the lady got in my pen with me and I lunged at her and ran off to hide, but she could see I wanted to come out really, I was just too scared. She said to my carer Yvonne that they’d like to adopt me, as their last bunny had recently gone to the Rainbow Bridge and they were lonely without a bunny to love. Yvonne said did they want to foster me first to see how we got on and if it didn’t work out they could give me back? Well they looked at each other and straight away the lady said “No, we’ll keep her whatever” – oh the joy in my heart! So I went to live with them – in their lounge of all places! They were so very patient with my bad moods and short temper, and I had an operation which made me so much happier and so loving. I love nomming chewy toys, eating hay, snuggling with Romain, and having tickles from mum. I never would have imagined I could be this happy and trusting after my bad start in life.

Romain: I was recovering at the shelter when a lady and man came in to see Esther. They said they wanted to adopt her to my carer Yvonne so I was watching and listening and thinking how lucky she was to have a home to go to at last. Then Yvonne started telling them about me! She said I had been forcibly removed from my owners because I lived in a hutch with my brother who had attacked me and bitten my boy bits so I got all filthy and neglected and caught flystrike. The lady asked Yvonne if she thought that I would bond with Esther and she said “Oh yes!” and she nearly cried with happiness! After a few days I got the all clear from the shelter vet, my owners agreed to sign me over to the shelter, and mum and dad came and brought me home. I was numb for a few weeks, I really had no feelings I had been so ill and upset, but mum and dad just kept being so nice to me I had to be happy in the end! I had an operation to be able to live with Esther, and after we’d healed and bonded we’ve become inseparable. I love nomming hay, treats and cuddling up with Esther in the cosy warm lounge. No more cold hutches for me 🙂

We are Esther and Romain -- a bonded pair of buns

We are Esther and Romain — a bonded pair of buns


I'm Rousseau

What bun doesn’t love a good doze?

I’m Rousseau from Ohio and I found my forever home in December 2014. I don’t recall much about my life before that, but I do remember being abandoned in the parking lot of a vocational school and then being rescued by a kind-hearted student. I don’t know my age, but the vet who cared for me before mom brought me home thinks I’m 3 or 4 years old. Whatever my past, I’m happy in the present and secure about my future.

My mom and dad were very sad after their beloved Byron died several months earlier, but knew that they would eventually open their hearts to another bunny. When mom saw how blissfully I sink into cuddles, she was smitten. She named me Rousseau, because she loves French and the author who’s my namesake loved nature; plus, my fur is reddish (“roux/rousse” in French).

Enjoying a yummy willow wreath

Enjoying a yummy willow wreath

When I’m not devouring salads or munching on hay, you’ll find me lounging – on the carpeted roof of my bunny condo, on the couch nestled with mom while she naps, or on the floor by the door hoping for a slice of banana. My favorite toy is a plush bear who enjoys being dragged around the room by one ear and then tossed. My other hobbies include rounding off the hard edges of mom’s book case and nibbling the spines of her binders. I’m partial to anything willow and give rings, balls, and wreaths my undivided attention until they’re reduced to crumbs. The best part of my day is snuggling with mom while she watches TV. I usually fall fast asleep on her lap, tooth-purring in happiness!

Follow me on Twitter @byronrabbit and on Vine (Rousseau Rabbit)!