Miss Bunz

Rainbow Bridge

Over the years, I have connected with bunny pals around the world.  Some of them have passed away; and mom and I miss them dearly.  We created this page so that I may always remember my friends that have crossed over the rainbow bridge.


From Dexter’s mum:

I lost my cheeky loving ginger nutcase on Friday 19th Feb after a very short sudden illness – our lovely little boy would have been 3 on April 7th. My boy helped me get over a breakup and filled a hole in my heart which is now even bigger since Dexter left us for the bridge. He always made me smile with his daft expressions on his face and always so happy to see me – loved to give kisses and stick his tongue in my ear! I miss kiss kisses and cuddles he was such a loving boy. Binky free at the bridge my boy and can’t wait until we’re all together again xxxx

Dexter was a cheeky bun that loved his mum very much.

Dexter was a cheeky bun that loved his mum very much.




Warren as a baby bun

Warren was born on July 21, 2004. He joined our family only four weeks later and was the tiniest ball of fluff—he was not bigger than my hand, but was certainly a handful. We knew from the moment we met him that he was special. War was kind, loving, funny, handsome, and clever. He made our family whole.

War was tiny for a Holland lop—a mighty 2.7 lbs (1.2 kgs)—but in his mind he was the most tough and mighty bun that ever lived. “Half Bun” ruled his warren with an iron paw and made sure his parents served him well. He expected at least four hours of snuggles from his mama in the morning and the same from his papa at night. If he didn’t get his way, he would use his best boss techniques. Our benevolent dictator would give a little shove here or a few “courtesy” licks there to get his parents to cooperate.


Peek-a-boo! Got treats?

Our Bunkey especially loved food and treats. He was very ingenious in getting his favourites, willow leaves and banana. If he asked for a treat and didn’t get what he wanted, he would allow us the opportunity to try again until we had done it right. He even had to resort to clicker training his mama to give treats on command.

The perfect spot for a nap!

The perfect spot for a nap!

Most of all, Warren loved a good nap. In our house, he was the self-appointed “nap captain”. He would go into his warren and tell us to rest by moving paper to close his door. Many times we did not follow his orders and his little head would appear to “shush!” us because he was sleeping. Warren knew all of the best spots for a snooze: his pet bed, half off his pet bed, under our bed, on a blanket, half off a blanket, on his mama’s arm, snuggled up beside his papa, or in his favourite box.

In the last few years of his life, he grew into his role as a distinguished gentlebun and enjoyed spending time with his pals on Twitter. He loved his sweet girlbun, Whispy, with all his heart. Uncle Warren was so proud of all his nieces and nephews and always made sure to have some linty, sticky, stale pocket candy for them. He was also honoured to be a DGB and he treasured the time he spent with his Brothers.

A very handsome bun

A very handsome bun

His loss is felt intensely, but we know that he is happy trying to boss all the DGBs at the bridge. It was a privilege to share his life with him and the joy he brought into our home for 11.25 years will never be forgotten. Our trio will be reunited at the bridge one day, but until then…we love you forever, we like you for always, as long as we’re living our baby you’ll be.

Love always,

Warren’s proud mama and papa



Byron loved books.

Byron loved books.

Byron was wandering alone in a cold Ohio field in November 2009 when he was rescued by a good Samaritan. She took him home with her and he made friends with her kitty. She named him Edmund, after Sir Edmund Hillary, because he liked to climb. He stayed with her for a few weeks, but she had allergies and couldn’t keep him.

Byron found his forever home in January 2010. His folks decided to rename him Byron, after the Romantic poet, because they’re literary types and he wrote a touching poem about his love for his dog.

Byron lived in his human pal’s study, where he had a large pen. Whenever his human was home, he got to run around the room and explore. One of his favorite spots was the back of the couch; it was a great place to stretch out, daydream, and get pets. Sometimes he jumped on his human when she was napping, just because he could.

True to his name, Byron loved books, old ones with cloth covers. At first, his pal tried to discourage his taste for the printed word, especially when she saw how quickly he transformed a couple of thick tomes. Eventually, he was granted the bottom shelf; he had a special fondness for vintage German grammar texts.

Byron’s other hobbies include eating, television, and phone calls. Breakfast salads and dinner pellets were always cause for enthusiasm, but fruit treats drove him wild with excitement. He would weave in and out of his folks’ feet at top speed when they brought him banana. He snuggled for hours on his human’s lap while she watched her TV programs. When she talked on the phone, he would bliss out and dream of cuddles and carrot fields. He was a very lucky bunny and he is missed dearly.